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Furniture Refinishing services

Furniture Repair And Refinishing Services

We offer a variety of wood working and furniture repair and refinishing services.  Our state of the art work shops and talented craftsmen can do any type of work required to restore your piece to like new condition.  We carefully work with your piece to make sure it is first properly repaired, then we help you choose the appropriate stain, color, and finish.  When completed, your furniture is beautiful, functional and ready to use.  We take pride in our work so you can be confident that we will take extra care to insure your cherished heirloom is restored properly.

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We Offer The Following Furniture Refinishing And Restoration Services:

  • major furniture structure repairComplete Restoration  When refinishing your prized furniture and antiques, make the job easy by trusting McLean’s Refinishing, one of Athens, Georgia’s most trusted furniture repair and restoration company.  Our success is firmly rooted in our dedication to providing our furniture refinishing customers with quality craftsmanship and service. Utilizing proper wood refinishing products and processes, our expert  furniture refinishing craftsmen can revitalize your valuable furniture and wood pieces, restoring and enhancing their natural beauty and strength. Our skilled technicians meticulously remove the signs of age and use, virtually erasing scuff marks, gouges, water rings, and dents. Even broken, water damaged, and burned pieces can often be repaired to like-new condition.   We restore and repair all types of  furniture including antiques and specialty items, millwork, paneling, molding, frames, banisters, and mantels, doors, cabinetry, upholstery, leather, hardwood floors, and laminated surfaces. 
    We provide home and business owners an affordable alternative to replacing fine wood furnishings and fixtures, antiques, family heirlooms, costly office furnishings, picture frames, molding, and millwork.

  • Replacement Parts   We have access to thousands of furniture replacement parts, reproduction parts for antiques, and old stock parts.  We can usually find the parts to restore your piece of furniture, or we can change the look of your piece by changing the style of knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, legs or other furniture parts.  We have access to the correct springs, screws and hardware to bring your furniture back to new condition.  We also have the ability to make wood or metal furniture parts if new ones are not available.
  • wood veneerVeneering  You probably admire the detailed work on elaborately veneered pieces in furniture and may think that small damages are beyond repair.  What Exactly Is Veneering? Can it be repaired?  Veneering is the gluing of a thin sheet or layer of wood - a veneer - to another or to some other underlying material.  Depending on how a log is cut, strikingly different visual effects can be achieved with the wood's grain and characteristics. This is part of the beauty of working with hardwood veneer - that two logs of the same species, cut in different ways, can produce veneers that are distinctively different. If you have a damaged veneered piece of furniture, antique or modern, McLean’s refinishing can repair it.  We have the ability to match the old veneer or replace it with completely new material.  Let us give your damaged veneered furniture new life.

  • wood working lathe Lathe Work   McLean’s Refinishing has all the proper tools, lathes and equipment to produce any part you may need repaired or replaced on your fine furniture.  We can lathe turn spindles, chair and table legs, banisters, or decorative trim pieces.  Our expert technicians have years of lathe and machinery experience and will take the extra steps to insure the job is done right.

  • Carving  Wood carving is not a lost art at McLean’s Refinishing.  If you have damaged hand carved figures or decorative trim on your furniture, we can repair it to new condition.  We take pride in our ability to hand carve replacement pieces that may be missing, or repair hand carved wood work. We take care find the correct wood with matching grain, carefully recreate the image and complete it using the correct stains, oils and finishes.   We can renew  the beauty of your hand carved antique or custom pieces and restore them to their original beauty.
  • Beveled Mirror Replacement  If your beveled mirror is damaged or broken, McLean’s refinishing can replace it or restore it to new condition using the correct type of beveled glass mirror.  We can also restore the frame, whether it be antique or modern, making sure to match the color, style and finish. The appearance of piece should not be different after the repair, and we take the time to keep the look of the wood and mirror as it was originally designed and manufactured.
  • Chair Caning  If you find an old chair with its original cane seat, consider yourself lucky. Like most old pieces, it may not be in perfect condition, but it is something to cherish. If your not so lucky,  you might find one with the cane seat either broken or missing. McLean’s Refinishing can change your luck by fixing that chair as good as new.  Whether your chair was done by hand or machine, we can restore it for you.         See our Chair Caning Video.
  • Fire/Flood Restoration Work  Nothing devastates valuable possessions of the home like a fire or flood.  McLean’s Refinishing may be able to restore those valuable  or irreplaceable pieces of wood furniture or antiques that are a part of your life.  We can replace damaged or missing parts, reassemble items that may have separated, re-veneer furniture that may have come unglued due to heat or water, refinish heat damaged wood furnishings, or completely restore many of your damaged items.  We take great pride in our work, especially when we help you recover from a disaster like a flood or fire.
  • Curved Glass Replacement  Curved glass is another one of our specialties.  Many types of display cases, china cabinets, hutches, armwars, and other furniture have curved or bent glass panels or mirrors.  McLean’s Refinishing can repair or replace these panels to new condition.
  • Major Structural Repairs  McLean’s Refinishing does much more than just a refinishing.  We have the capability to do major structural repairs or completely rebuild your furniture if necessary.  We can do frame repair, rebuild springs systems, inside upholstery repair, lever and metal structure repair, add a base or legs, repair drawers and slides, and any other process necessary to restore your furniture back to a strong and functional piece, just as it was when it was new. 

  • Insurance Estimates  We will be happy to provide you with insurance estimates for furniture repair or refinishing.  We can come to your home or office or you may bring the damaged item to our repair facility.  We will give you an insurance estimate, and expected time needed to repair the item.
  • Leather Replacement    McLean’s Refinishing can also replace leather tops on office desks, lap desks, or writing tables.  The replacement leather is hand died with a choice of four classic colors.  Black, Oak or brown, Dark Green and Wine or burgundy.  The leather tops are also hand tooled or embossed on the edges in 14 carrot gold with a choice of eight different border styles.
  • Antique Furniture Appraisals  In addition to our many furniture services, we also offer appraisals.  With over twenty-five years experience in the antique business, we are extremely qualified to give you an accurate, age or period, style, type of woods – both primary and secondary, and current value in either wholesale, retail, estate, or insurance value.   Digital photos are available for your accurate documentation.
  • Facilities  Your furniture is well maintained while in our possession, and  we are fully insured.  We have a modern security system that is monitored twenty-four hours a day. The buildings are kept   clean, well organized providing a safe environment for the furniture, our customers, and our employees

  • Call McLean’s Refinishing at 706-769-7590 for all your furniture repair or restoration needs.



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