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 Church Pew Upholstery And Pew Refinishing

If your church needs all it’s pews refinished, we recommend Suburban Church Supply.  Suburban Church Supply is a great company and can refinish your prews in as little as one week.  See information below or call Bo Johnson at 1-800-962-2698.

Suburban Church Supply has been refinishing, repairing, and upholdstering church pews and chancel furniture in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi for over 20 years.

Selecting the right company for your church pew refinishing project can be a difficult task. You want someone who will get the job done right! The decisions you make will influence the worship experience of every member of your congregation for many years to come.  We specialize in church pews. We can offer new church pews or refinish your present pews by wood pew refinishing and pew upholstery for much less than the cost of new church pews.

Do your church pews look tired and worn? Do your church pews have slight cracks and separations at the joints of the wood? You may need pew refinishing or pew upholstery. Most church pews and other church furnishings would cost thousands of dollars at today's prices to replace, probably 3 to 4 times what they originally cost. We can provide pew refinishing and pew upholstery for about 50 - 60% of the cost of new church pews.

Before And After Photos Of Refinished Courthouse Seating
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church pew refinishing

pew refinishing

church pew repair and refurbishing

chuch pew refinished

Above are the before and after pictures of the Superior Court of Peach County, Georgia located at Fort Valley.  These pews build in 1936 were picked up, refinished and reinstalled by Suburban Church Supply on September 15, 2006.  The customer said the refinished pews were so beautifully restored that he wished he had more for us to restore for him.  On time installation and a satisfied customer are our main objectives.  Can we give you a free evaluation of your pews?  Call 1-800-962-2698 toll free.

Church pew refinishing and  pew upholstery will make your old  pews look like new, and  pew upholstery cost less than buying new church pews. A  church sanctuary with worn church pews can give an impression that the church that is tired and aging.  New pew upholstery can change that impression over night to a church that is ageless and energetic.  And, of course, there is always a cost consider, so buying new furniture throughout a church may not be an option. Church pew upholstery can the answer to great looks at an affordable cost.

Buying new church furniture can be expensive. A church can spend thousands of dollars on the sanctuary alone. Pew upholstery is not nearly as expensive, and save you money to dedicate to other church remodeling or other chancel furniture. Church pew upholstery is generally one-third to one-half of the cost of purchasing new pews. If you are working with a tight budget, consider church pew upholstery. If you are looking for optional ways to save church remodeling funds , then pew upholstery may be the answer for your church.

Church pew refinishing and  pew upholstery can include new fabrics, replacing worn padding or cushions on your pews, and refinishing the wood if you wish. Church pew upholstery not only looks great but can make your congregation more comfortable as well.

Suburban Church Supply has church pew upholstery and reconditioning experts that will come to your church and refurbish your pews on site. Having pew upholstery done on site can certainly save a church time and money, and sometimes there could be no need to interrupt worship services. Our church pew upholstery experts will come to your church and  give you a bid on the work, letting you know what all is involved in pew upholstery, how long it will take, and how much it will cost to  upholstery your church pews.  To set up an appointment, call Suburban Church Supply TOLL FREE at 1-800-962-2698.
Suburban Church Supply is staffed and equipped to provide custom pew refinishing and pew r upholstering of fine church furniture and pews. We take pride in our work and  guarantee our results. Whether a project involves stripping and refinishing pews  or a complete renovation including resizing of pew bodies and reupholstering of  seats and kneelers, Suburban Church Supply can assist you. All work is done with  experience and dedication, using state-of-the-art equipment and materials.

We've refinished and restored church pews in 100's of churches all across the Southeast. Our staff has the knowledge and expertise in wood refinishing to produce professional results for your house of worship.

We specialize in:
Church Pew upholstery
Church pew refinishing & restoration
Altar restoration & refinishing
Chancel restoration & refinishing

We can repair your old church furnishings or refinish them and restore them to their original beauty and comfort. It only makes sense to protect this valuable investment made by your church. Contact us for a FREE EVALUATION and estimate for all your church furnishings.

Call 1-800-962-2698 toll free.  Visit the Suburban Church Supply Web Site.


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